Turnaround & Outage Safety Consultants

HealthSafe is known for providing excellent, high-quality Outage Safety personnel for the energy industry. We have served refineries, chemical plants, power plants, and nuclear plants during turnarounds and outages as safety professionals for the owner and contractors alike.

The safety personnel HealthSafe has provided includes: site safety officers, site safety managers, project safety managers, safety representatives and safety technicians.

HealthSafe Safety Services in many ways grew in part due to the service of providing fireguards and confined space attendants in a refinery. We have grown these services because of the quality we provide.

We train these persons as specific safety professionals with a completed OSHA 10-hour course, specific for the industry they will work in, as well as training for their specific tasks on the project, and we refer to these safety professionals as Safety Technicians. Over the years, we have grown to provide a higher level of safety professionals for the energy industry as well.

Our safety management team, including safety technicians, come fully trained and equipped specifically for the project. HealthSafe can provide complete equipment for fireguards and confined space attendants. We have the capabilities to staff your project with 10 to 100 qualified, equipped, and highly-trained safety techs.



HealthSafe is a safety compliance consulting company working with clients from all industries to create an OSHA compliant, safe workspace. With over 20 years experience, HealthSafe is the industry leader in keeping workers and workplaces accident-free.


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